Momo? What do you mean...?

We love Tibet and we also love to drink tea: that's how Bodja Restaurant and Teahouse was born.

It is just that simple: discover our homemade MOMOS, delicious Tibetan dumplings, and try our large selection of teas in a relaxing atmosphere.

With our Mediterranean and Caucasian background, we added a number of colourful veggie dishes nicely arranged in a BUDDHA BOWL. It is inspired from the Buddhist tradition of asking for food alms in a bowl until it is filled with whatever bits of food villagers would offer. Nowadays a Buddha Bowl is a beautiful, well-balanced meal including grains, vegetables, plant proteins and a dressing.

Everything is fresh, mostly organic, and homemade with love.

Why do we focus on yummy vegetarian food?

Eating vegetarian food is good for the planet, good for sentient beings, and also good for health. Come and try!

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